April 6, 2011

Fixing fences

The older calves really need a pasture. They've been penned in the fenced area behind the barn. It's a great area for keeping an eye on the younger calves and makes it easy to keep an eye on their health.  But they've eaten down the grass until there's just about nothing left.  Then need more pasture and the grass needs a chance to grow back.  I've had to hold off putting them in the pasture behind the barn because the fences needed to be fixed. Barbed wire needs to be tightened or added, field fencing needs to be replaced, new fence posts need to be driven and a new gate needs to be put up.

I was able to get some partial rolls of good field fencing at a farm auction and my cousin Mike got us a great deal on fence posts.  Every day after work, we've been working on putting the posts in the ground, tightening barbed wire and putting up the field fencing. If the weather holds out, we should have it done this week. 

This pasture will give the calves about three acres to roam, eat lush, green grass and get into trouble.  I'll be putting Sharon's crazy nesting house and roosting house out there too. It'll be a busy pasture!

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