April 4, 2011


Four containers of heirloom tomatoes. Two containers of spring onions in the back

Cantaloupe on the left; cherry tomatoes on the right. The tomatoes aren't doing as well as I'd like.
Now that I have all of these seedlings pretty well established, I can move them away from the north-facing window and start some more seeds.  Greg and I picked up a couple packages of hot pepper mixed seeds last weekend. I'd like to get those started soon. We're out of salsa and his cousin, Lisa, this week to put in a request for more for her family too.  Greg and Mike make some seriously fabulous salsa.  I went through two jars in about a month! Yummo!  We're definitely going to need hot peppers for all the salsa they need to make.

All this greenness... it's incredibly hilarious to me since I can't keep a house plant a live to save my life! People used to give me plants to keep on my desk at work and they would always die.  How I'm managing to nurture all these sprouts is beyond my comprehension. So far, the only things I've been able to keep alive are my two kids!

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