May 7, 2011

Head count

We're down to 3 Ameracauna hens and 4 Ameracauna roosters.  Something has been picking off the hens every few weeks.  Could be a fox or a hawk; dunno.  Whatever it is, Sharon's not too pleased to be losing her hens especially now that they've finally started laying.  Hopefully the losses will end once we put them in an electric fenced area to keep predators out.  Sharon started out with 13 total and now we're down to about half that.

Banded three of the bull calves last week and tossed a bunch of them out into the pasture with the older calves. They were growing so fast and didn't need to be on milk replacement any more.  Left one as a bull. He's looking really good and I might keep him for show.

The barn cats have been having a great time chasing mice and roaming around.  It's time to give them their Frontline. Gotta keep the mousers healthy and clean.

We ordered 24 red sexlink hens. Yes, 24.  They'll be coming in June 11.  The nesting coop is finally painted. I need to finish making the nesting boxes and put a roof on it.  Then I need to make the roosting coop. It should be pretty easy, just need to find the time.

The latest additions to the farm are Harley and Davidson, Sammy's bunnies.  They are hare mixes we bought at a 4H meeting. Sammy will show them at 4H and eventually sell one of them.  We keep them inside when we're not at home but put them in a large cage on the grass whenever possible. The love munching on the grass.

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