March 2, 2011

Busy weekend

The weekend started with the loss of calf number 12.  He seemed a bit off from the beginning but seemed to rally until Friday night. When my cousin and I went out to feed, #12 wouldn't get up and seemed very cold.  We brought him into the garage to try to warm him up.  I kept a space heater on him as well as a heat lamp.

Once we got the calf in the garage and started warming it, I had to take my daughter to her 4H play rehearsal. Sharon and her kids were here and came along to join in on the chaos fun.  The skit was about a man-eating chicken.  Or was it about a man, eating chicken? We may never know.  The kids had a great time though and that's what matters.

Number 12 died during the night.  The kids pretty much expected it and weren't heartbroken.  It was frustrating to lose another calf, especially since we had no clear idea what was wrong with this one.

The rest of the weekend involved daily feedings, planting seeds, building a fence to help keep the youngest calves and older calves separated, taking stuff to the dump, 4-wheeling, letting the Ameracauna chickens out to free-range and making some nesting eggs to help encourage the hens to start laying.  It looks like a short list but don't be fooled.  There's always work to do on the farm and this past weekend was no exception.

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