February 24, 2011

Grow, little seeds!

It's time to start preparing for spring. We have seeds everywhere - planted and still in the bags.  Sharon and I started a tray of beefsteak tomatoes and a tray of green bell peppers over Valentines weekend. That's farm romance for you!

This past weekend, we bought more of those Jiffy trays, some potting soil, and, yes, more seeds.  Sharon spent some time planting the seeds with her daughter while her son and I road the 4-wheeler out to the woods to bring wood up to the house for the fireplace.

Right now, we have seeds started for Sugar Baby watermelons as well as two other varieties, squash, beefsteak and roma tomatoes, and green peppers.  I'm sure we'll start more seeds this weekend too.  Whatever grows that we can't use, we'll sell.

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