July 6, 2013

Breakout Turkeys

Every morning for the past four days, the first thing one of us has said is, "The turkeys are out." They have figured out that they can fly over the electric netting and escape.  They've had great adventures wandering along the driveway, checking out the barn and milling around near the chicken coop.  This morning, they introduced themselves to our three laying hens.  The hens, equally curious about the turkeys, did not seem to be impressed.


Catching some morning shade

Normally, they go back pretty easily and follow me to their area

Welcome back, turkeys


The pile of feathers tells us someone didn't clear the fence on the first try!

Escaping is hard, thirsty work

We planned on butchering these turkeys in a couple weeks. If we can't keep them in the protected area, we might have to move up the butchering date.  This morning was the first time they didn't automatically follow us back to their area and we had to herd them back. 

Herding turkeys at 7am. Never saw that coming!

Tommy, our livestock guardian cat, sat and watched

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