Traditional Farming

Our goal is to improve the land and the harvest.

·   Treat the land and animals with respect
·   No antibiotics unless necessary
·   No pesticides
·   Harvest heirloom vegetables as well as some well-known varieties
·   Grass fed livestock

We believe that the best tasting and most nutritious food can be found on the local farm.  Join us in the slow food movement: buy locally, buy ethically and enjoy your food straight from the farm.

A family tradition
My uncle bought this farm in the 1980’s and ran a calf/cow operation and gardens on the land.  I grew up hunting the woods here and learning about animal husbandry and farming from him.  After he passed away, I continued to manage the farm and now live here with my family.

The kids are involved in 4H, Cub & Girl Scouts and Future Farmers of America. This is one more facet of the legacy my uncle began: teach the next generation. Hard work on the farm gave me a strong work ethic and I hope to share that with any kids interested in farming. Skyview Acres has an open door policy to any and all children’s organizations interested in teaching kids about farm life, respect for the land and animals and sustainable living.

Skyview Acres raises Jersey steers for beef, Cornish cross broilers for meat and Ameracauana, Buff Orpington, Red Sexlinks and Rhode Island Red layers. We are always looking to expand our cattle and chicken breed mix.  In January 2012, we added meat rabbits to our livestock. 

We do not give our livestock – cattle, poultry or rabbits - antibiotics or growth hormones. They are all pasture-fed and supplemented with all natural feed as necessary.  We do our best to use "all natural", organic and/or non-gmo feed whenever possible.

Broiler Chickens

The Cornish Cross chickens come to us at one-day old and are raised with care and gentleness by our family. The chickens receive all natural feed as well as fresh grass while in the brooder house. At 2 – 4 weeks, they are moved to a mobile, fresh air pen that gives them access to fresh grass daily. They fertilize our pastures for the next season’s grass and hay while living in the outdoors with new grass daily, sunshine and sweet country breezes.

Our chickens are not given growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or anything artificial. These are healthy, non-factory, pasture-fed birds raised ethically in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Wholesale pricing available for bulk and repeat orders.

Free-range, grass-fed stewing hens, pullets and cockerels are available - great for flavorful and nutrient-rich stocks and broths. Check for availability.

Laying Hens

In the Spring, we purchase day old chicks and raise them to 12 weeks on pasture.  We try to purchase sex-link pullets so you can be sure that you receive a chicken that will lay eggs, not crow at you.  Generally, we price these pullets at $10 each.

Meat Rabbits
One of the leanest and healthiest meats you can purchase, rabbit meat is starting to see a resurgence. Just like the rest of our livestock, our rabbits are in pasture pens that protect them from the elements as well as predators while giving them access to fresh forage daily.  We do supplement with high protein feed as well as all the extras from our garden.