January 30, 2013

Little Chicken Nuggets

It's still January, but we're already thinking about ordering day old chicks and brooding them. Because we raise our chickens on pasture, we can't start ordering our day old chicks until we're pretty sure the worst of the cold days are behind us.  Our goal is to move chicks out of the brooder house at two weeks old but if it's too cold or rainy, they will die. Timing is everything.

Newly hatched chicks arrive in the mail. The people at the post office think it's neat.
This year, we'll be raising Golden Comets to sell as laying pullets. We raised them last year and they did very well. Golden Comets mature a bit earlier than most layers and can start laying eggs as early as 14 weeks.  Most pullets start laying when they're around 20 weeks old.

We'll also be raising Cornish hens and broiler chickens.  Lots and lots of poultry will be going through the farm this spring and summer.  They are so cute and fluffy when they arrive.

Fluffy little chicken nuggets

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