March 15, 2012


The normal morning routine is to get the three kids off to school, spend some time chatting, then Greg heads to work and I take care of the animals. Feed and water the chicks, feed and water the male rabbits in the barn, feed and water the female rabbits in the outdoor pens and move them to new grass.  Normally I go to the female rabbits first. I check their food levels and grab empty water bottles, then I take care of everyone else and head back to the rabbits with food and water at the end of the chores.

I didn't make it that far this morning.

I stopped to check on Matilda. Overnight, she dug a hole about a foot deep. Rabbits are diggers by nature so this isn't surprising.  We prepared for this by putting wire along the inside of the rabbit pen to keep them from digging under the pen and out to the great unknown.  I'll have to keep an eye on her digging and possibly put more wire down in the bottom of her pen if it looks like she's going to tunnel out.

Then I moved over to Big Bertha's pen... and looky at what I found!

Eight baby bunnies


  1. How amazing! Glad you told us they were bunnies, though. Never having seen a newborn bunny, I would never have guessed they were bunnies if I didn't know you were checking female rabbits!

    Are we to understand that Matilda is preparing another surprise for you?

  2. Well, we hope Matilda is pregnant but who knows. We sure didn't think Bertha was pregnant!

  3. Sharon, I really enjoy your blog. It is rewarding to see someone else that is a respectful caretaker of animals. You and yours are a blessing. VIVI