February 20, 2012

Now taking orders for laying hens

We are now taking orders for Golden Comet laying hens.  We will raise them from chicks, put them on fresh pasture daily and will not clip their wings or beaks.

Golden Comets are a sex-link variety of chickens. This means that their sex can be immediately determined based on their color.  The females are redish, almost like a red sex-link, and the males are white.  These pullets are rather quiet and mature earlier than most other varieties.  They lay brown eggs and are very cold-hardy birds.  Given the range of climate during winter in Winchester, we felt most comfortable offering a cold-hardy chicken that doesn't require a very insulated coop.

To order, email us - skyviewfarming@yahoo.com - with the quantity you'd like and we'll give you further details for payment.  Receipts are emailed or mailed once payment is received.

$10 per bird.  Right now we're only offering pullets but if we have enough requests for cockerels, we can order them as well.  Let us know if you're interested in a rooster or two.

The chickens will be ready for you the weekend of June 9 as long as the weather cooperates. If it's extremely cold when we order the chicks, we might have to wait a bit for it to warm up so we can minimize the chances of the chicks getting chilled.

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