February 14, 2012

Morning chores

• feed chicks
• refill waterers for chicks
• lay down another layer of pine shavings for chicks
• watch chicks to check health and make sure everything is ok
• lift garage door a smidgen to let in fresh air
• fill water bottles for rabbits
• feed rabbits
• check rabbits for health
• try not to trip on barn cats
• head to chicken coop to check food/water
• avoid annoying Mr. Meany
• walk down to the old house to collect pieces of wood
• try to figure out why the geese are so noisy this morning
• head back into the garage to lower the door, check that the chicks are still warm and put the wood under the waterers. They need to be raised up to help keep the water as clean as possible and to keep the chicks from falling in the water and getting chilled
• count the cattle

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