January 30, 2012

Breeding stock has arrived

Matilda, Happy Jack and Big Bertha
We have added three New Zealand meat rabbits to the farm.  In addition to Davidson, one of the bunnies Sammy got last year, we now have two does and two bucks.  Let the proliferation of bunnies begin!

For the short while, all the rabbits are in the empty barn stall.  We're slowly transitioning the new rabbits to a grass diet. All four will go out into the pasture in portable pasture pens (same concept as our broiler chickens).  Davidson is used to a grass diet but the three new rabbits aren't. We don't want them to become sick on too much grass so we'll get them ready for the salad bar lifestyle.  Their feed will be supplemented with organic, non-gmo (if we can find it) pellets.

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