March 28, 2011

Make some money. Spend some money.

All but one of the calves have been sold. The new owners seem very pleased with their calves and I wish them all the best.

Spent a very cold, very windy morning at the farm equipment auction this past Saturday. Lots of large equipment for sale but not much that I needed. Prices were going high and I didn't bid on anything.

Bought plastic deer barriers to protect the gardens. My cousin got a great deal on fence posts for them. We need to better protect the gardens this year. Last summer, the deer had a salad bar buffet every night in my corn field. Not a single ear of corn made it to my dinner plate.

Picked up some paint for the new chicken houses. Ended up getting three 5-gallon buckets on clearance for the price of one regularly-priced 5-gallon bucket. I do love a good deal!

We got one of the cattle stalls mucked out and put out fresh straw.   Need more straw so we can clean out the other cattle stall.

Back row: Regular size egg, Double-yolk egg, Ameracauna egg
Sharon's Ameracauna chickens have started laying finally. The eggs are smaller than a normal size egg, but they'll get bigger the more often the chickens lay. We're getting an egg almost every day from them right now.  They started nesting on their own in the pine shaving litter on the floor of the coop so we're keeping them locked up for a few days to force them to the nesting boxes.  So far, no blue egg though.

We also got another one of the double-yolk eggs.  When you compare its size to the itty-bitty Ameracauna eggs, it's hilarious to look at. We chuckled about it all weekend long.  Sharon took the half-dozen eggs in the picture to her mother. She said she had the double-yolk egg for breakfast this morning and is eager for more. Hooray for a "delicious" review!

My chickens put out eight eggs on Saturday. I have enough now that I can send my daughter over to the neighbor's house with a dozen eggs to sell.

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