September 22, 2013

Greener Grass

We utilize rotational grazing with the cattle. Some people call this mob grazing; others call it intensive pasture usage.  Whichever nomenclature you assign to the practice, it all boils down to moving the cattle from small areas of pasture to the next small area in very short time frames in order to better, intensely fertilize the ground and get the most use out of the grasses.  Greg has been very pleased with how quickly the bottle fed calves have grown and gained weight on grass alone - no grain at all.  Now, the brood cows and their calves are part of the same rotational grazing.

We have found only one draw back to this system -- the cattle.  Man can they be noisy when they are ready to be moved!  If they are done with a pasture, or if they have decided they don't want to eat what is left in that pasture, they get loud and obnoxious.  Whenever they see Greg, they start hollering. They can really make a lot of noise!  Sometimes they sound more like elephants than cattle.

Today was no exception.  While Greg was putting up the electric fence for the new, temporary pasture, the cows followed him up the fence, bellowing and snorting the entire time.

The next time someone asks, "What sound does a cow make?" you can show them this video.  The answer isn't always "moo!"

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