March 13, 2013

Meat Rabbits 101

For over a year, we have been breeding and growing rabbits for meat. We started out with what is called a breeding trio - two does and a buck. As litters were born, we selected does to keep and add to our breeding program. With three original rabbits, you can grow enough meat to feed your family, supplementing other protein sources with lean, healthy and easily replenishable rabbit meat.

We'd like to show you how to do it too!

If we can do it, anyone can!

Rabbits are easy to raise and care for - they breed easily, have a short gestation period and can provide you with a constant meat supply for your family as well as by-products to enhance your gardens.

We'd like to help you get started with rabbits and show you why rabbits can be an integral part of anyone's survival preparations whether you live in an apartment or on a farm. 

This September, Skyview Acres will host an all day workshop on raising rabbits. Learn how to breed, kindle, care for kits, butcher and everything in between.
  • Butchering demonstration
  • Breeding demonstration
  • Palpating demonstration
  • Rabbit health 
  • Fodder system demonstration
  • DIY feeders and gravity fed watering systems
  • Choosing a breed and seed stock

We will demonstrate butchering a rabbit. We will show you how to tell when your does are ready to breed and breed a pair of rabbits.  We'll show you how to palpate a doe to tell if she is pregnant or not.  We will do our best to take all of our rabbit knowledge and share it with you.

This full day workshop will prepare you to start your own rabbitry. Lunch will be provided - rabbit will be on the menu, of course!

When: September 7, 2013
Where: Winchester, VA
Cost: $75 per person until July 30
$100 per person after July 30
**Registration closes August 24**
Who: Preppers and survivalists who want to grow their own 
sustainable protein or anyone who wants to grow their own rabbit meat.

We are limiting this workshop to 50 attendees so sign up early to ensure your place!

While we actively encourage children to participate in farming and to learn as much about animal husbandry as possible, this workshop is not designed to accommodate children.  

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Special thanks to: Half-Pint Homestead, Panache Catering

Interested in participating as a vendor? Contact us!


  1. Is there an age limit? Our son is 11 years old and is interested in rabbit farming. We have a small farm in Northern Maryland raising goats, chickens and pigs. This is something he is definitely interested it! Please comment.

    1. We really struggled with this because we really like to encourage kids to get involved. We have three kids ourselves. We feel that although there's nothing inherently dangerous happening at the seminar, it's just not a situation for younger kids.

  2. What is the charge for an old married couple to attend?

    1. It's $75 per person. After tomorrow, it goes up to $100 per person