June 20, 2013

Piggie Playpen

Our pigs are pasture raised along with all our other livestock.  For the pigs, we started out with Ossabaw/Tamworth weanlings that were born for mischief.  We had quite a few escapes that resulted in us chasing them all over the farm. Humorous now, but very frustrating at the time.  We used the barn as a shelter for them but the barn door was always open to an electric fenced paddock. They did very well in there, but we wanted them to have a larger area back in the woods with access to lots of roots, trees, acorns and shade.

Greg used four rolls of electric netting to create a huge square area. Using a fifth roll, he divided the area in half giving one side to the three males and the other side to the two females. 
Male area to the left. Female area to the right where the feeder is tied to the tree

Corral panels around the feeder. This will allow us to easily (hopefully) corral the pigs when it's time to load them for butchering.

Greg made a vertical waterer that holds 10 gallons

Happy pigs, rooting around

The fencing may not be straight, but it works!

They are loving rooting around in all the leaves

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