April 6, 2013

And this little piggie

.... went running around the farm, causing havoc and thoroughly annoying the cows!

We have five Ossabaw/Tamworth piglets.  They free roamed their farm before they were weaned and came to us. As soon as possible, these piglets will be out in the pasture and woods with access to forage and acorns. For their protection and to protect our investment, they need to be contained in electric fencing.

Greg set up a small area with electric fencing inside the barn. If they got through the electric fence, they'd still be contained and safe. We really want them out on pasture as soon as possible so we decided to expand their electric fencing today. They would have access to a small paddock with lots of room to run around and lots of grass to eat.
Meeting of the meats
The cows were incredibly curious. All of them came up to the paddock, surrounded it and moo'd at the piglets.  Then, a piglet made its way under the electric fencing and under the gate.

Complete bovine mayhem!

Those cows went nuts chasing the piglet! He just wanted back in with his siblings ... and some tasty grass. So the cows chased him around the pasture for a bit. Those big, pregnant girls can move!  There was some bucking, some charging and lots of mooing.

The piglet eventually found another way back into the paddock.

Then two escaped.

Run, Wilbur!! Run!!

We got them back in and headed off to feed and water all the rabbits. 

Who knew cows could be such great alarm systems?  Lots of very loud mooing alerted us that all five piglets had escaped!  They ran around the pasture, out into the yard, down the driveway, around the vehicles, down to the wood pile and all around that pasture.  Then somehow, and I'm not very clear on this, they ended up back in the driveway, then in the barn.  At least they were contained!

We herded them back into the barn stall area and shut them in for the night.

Then I let a rabbit get away from me and we had to chase it down too.

I'm ready for some ice cream.

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  1. Ossabaws are the hardest breed to contain. They are good looking piggies though! That cross will produce some amazing pork too. Good luck with them!