December 31, 2012

Snow thanks

Due to some hungry foxes, we locked our free range chickens in the coop for about a week or so.  During that time, it snowed.  I opened the coop door to let the chickens out.  They were not interested. At all.  They hung out at the door, clucked, coo'd and made a lot of noise but not a single one of them ventured out into the snow.


  1. Silly chickens! Ours have always hated snow, too, although it's been two years since we've had any so only our older hens have ever seen it. They don't like our current soupy mud any better. They just stay up under the barn until they have to venture into the rain to get into their coop to lay or go to bed.

  2. Ha! I just got the pun in your title! :D