December 4, 2012

DIY rabbit feeder step by step

Quite a few people have shown an interest in our coffee can rabbit feeders. I love recycling and I also love saving money so this project is doubly awesome.

Start with a large metal can

Cut down the length of the can, down to the bottom ridge before the metal stops having ridges. Use that bottom ridge line to cut horizontally.  Make your final vertical cut so that you are cutting away the front half of the can.

Front half, cut off

Use pliers or a metal crimper to fold in the rough edges

Take your time and really make sure all the edges are smooth

Flatten out the front half of the can you previously removed

Drill holes in the bottom of the can. Lots of holes.

Crimp the rough, horizontal edge. Hold your flat panel up to the remaining can and
eyeball-measure where to bed your metal

Attach the flat panel

We used screws but rivets work as well

Attach to the cage.
You can add wire to the can and affix it to a cage like a normal j-feeder


  1. Pretty cool. Another way is to cut out a big slot, fold back the sharp edges and then you dont have to cut the can in half.