October 19, 2012

More rabbits on pasture

Over a month ago, we purchased a dozen New Zealand does. As with all our new rabbits, they were put in a quarantine area away from the rest of the herd.  We sold one doe but the rest have been in cages on grass. The weather has been pretty mild so they didn't need much protection from the elements.  We had a cold snap though so getting them into pasture pens was top priority.

Two new pasture pens, each divided down the center giving us four rabbit holes
The pens are designed to house one mature doe plus her current litter in each half of a pen.  We need four more of these to give each doe her own hutch.  The frames are built and one is almost complete except for roofing. 

Does are pretty territorial about their spaces but because these does have been kept together since birth, they are okay with each other. As they continue to mature, they will need to be separated.  But for now, they're okay with sharing their spaces.

Broken red New Zealands

White New Zealand does - and a curious kid's head

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