October 14, 2012

DIY rabbit feeders

Because we keep the kits in with the does and encourage the kits to start eating grass and pellets as early as possible, we need large capacity feeders.  For a small rabbitry with half a dozen does, it's not such a financial burden to run out and purchase six to ten feeders for $12 each.  We're trying to increase rabbit production to a much larger scale than where we are now so we have to look at every expense and determine the best ways to spend our dollars.  If we can recycle a product and use some sweat equity to save money, we'll gladly do it.  I'd rather not spend a few hundred dollars on feeders!

A local caterer who is certified Virginia Green and does a lot of recycling gave us a couple empty, tin coffee cans.  Greg cut out the front, bent the rough edges, then screwed the panel to the sides.  Using a drill press, he poked holes throughout the bottom of the feeder, then secured it to the hutch wall with screws.

Now I'm on a mission to collect large tin cans to be repurposed into rabbit feeders.  Thanks, Panache Catering, for the empty coffee tins!


  1. Great Idea! I could see removing the bottoms and fitting a piece of screening in as well.

  2. excellent idea, Ive been using milk containers with 2 sides cut open for multiple rabbits to eat at the same time. I have to tie the top and bottom or they get fiesty and knock them about at times and wasted food is the issue here, I wont refeed if they make a mess, they arent dumb, I do believe they learn.

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  4. This looks like a great idea. I am new to raising rabbits. I have two J feeders in the hutch with my does and her kits. The kits are constantly digging in the pellets and I estimate that they are wasting about half of the pellets. Any suggestions for this problem?