July 30, 2012

Happy piggies

We now have three pigs on the farm. The kids have named them Mike, Pinkalicious and Hammy (I think. This one's name keeps changing.).

They were in the brooder stall for about a week while the guys reinforced the bull pen's fencing.  Now they have a  nice pasture area to roam around in, leftovers from our table and the garden to eat and a run in shed to keep out of the elements.

January or February time, we'll be servin up some farm fresh bacon and sausages!


  1. We added four feeder pigs to our farm this spring, they are four months old now and will be in the freezer this fall. Between the rabbits, chickens pigs and compost pile, nothing goes to waste around here anymore. I didn't even mind the fallen (squirrel assisted) pears this year. I just load them up and take them to the pigs every day.

  2. I LOVE having pigs! Nothing goes to waste or even to the compost pile! It all gets turned into yummy pork. I cured our own bacon and ham, and then I smoked it in our new red capsule smoker. Can't be beat!

    We have two more pigs this year, although we're actually raising one for friends who bought it with ours. I wish we had two of our own! Ours are named Spamela Anderson and Hammy Faye Bakker--Spammy and Hammy for short!