May 8, 2012

More chicks in the pasture

Greg finished this pasture pen on Friday before we went to the Apple Blossom Fireman's Parade that evening.  If you're not from the Winchester area, please take note that the Apple Blossom Festival is a huge event for our town. Festivities galore! Luncheons, 10k run, 1 mile run for kids, balls, a carnival, a circus, the world's longest fire truck parade, the grand parade, more, more, more and even more!  All this to explain that we had a big deadline if we wanted to get the chicks out in the pasture before heading to the Bloomin' Mile run for one child and to see the fireman's parade.  But he did it! He finished the pasture pen and we got the chicks out on pasture.

Ideally, we'd have the chicks in the same pasture as the cattle.  The cattle would eat down the tall grass giving the chicks access to shorter grass which is easier for them to eat. And the chicks would also have access to the fresh fly larvae in the cow pies.  The cattle will be on this pasture soon enough though.

Golden Comet pullets... except we have one oddball chick in there. Not sure if it's a male GC or if it's another breed. Looks a bit like a Cornish Cross.

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  1. Nice pen! I love moving the chicks out to pasture!