March 19, 2012

Baby check up

Time to weigh all the kids and determine who is a "he" and who is a "she".  We have one runt and one overachiever.  And we had a dead kit in the nest.  He was so much smaller than all the others so I'm sure he was the true runt of the litter.  I'm sad about the dead kit but this is part of animal husbandry - animals die. You do your best to care for them in a responsible, gentle and compassionate way.  They don't always make it but you've done your best for them.

It looks like we have four male, one female and two question marks.  This is my first time sexing kits so I expect to be totally wrong and will keep checking to see how far off I am.

Weights Five Days Old:
Male 1 - 2 3/4 oz
Male 2 - 2 3/8 oz
Female 1 - 3 5/8 oz - our overachiever!
Male 3 - 2 3/4 oz
Male 4 - 2 1/4 oz - the smallest kit
Question 1 - 2 1/2 oz
Question 2 - 2 3/4 oz
With the exception of the female, they are all weighing around the same which means they're all eating well.  I check them every night and every morning to make sure they have been fed but tracking weights is the best way to track their development.


  1. From the photo, it looks like they're starting to get peach fuzz! :) I don't know anything about rabbits--how long will they nurse?

  2. Yes, they are starting to fur out. Every day they have a bit more fuzz. :)

    Some people wean early, others let them self wean. I'm probably going to keep them nursing for 4 weeks. This is new for us so I'm learning as I go and figure it out along the way.

    Thanks for being part of the journey with us!