September 18, 2011

Kids on the farm

Greg and I want our children as involved in the farm as possible.  Sometimes they are very excited about helping out, other times they groan and try to find somewhere to hide. Not too surprising, really.  We give them the invitation to be involved and encourage them to try more than they think they can handle.  They surprise us from time to time!

Sammy was responsible for driving the 4-wheeler to transport the chicks to the field pen. She also took all the chicks out of the cage for us.

Once all of the chicks were out of the brooder, we had to clean out all the litter to prep the stall for winter calves. All of the kids helped out but Sammy was, by far, the star of the day! She shoveled chicken litter, drove the 4-wheeler and helped dump the litter in the garden.

Moving the empty pen to the top of the pasture for the Buff Orpington chicks

Feeding and watering the chickens

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