July 5, 2011

My own personal Farm Report

This morning's Farm Report from Farmer Greg:

 - all the pastured chickens are still there (yay!)
 - calves fed - everyone is healthy (yay!)
 - cattle are in the field where they belong, not in the chicken pasture where they were last week (oops)
 - let my chickens out of the coop (no eggs)
 - no eggs from Greg's chickens
 - cats underfoot
 - bunnies being cute and eating green stuff
 - dogs fed

Not a bad farm report.  I especially appreciate that the Farm Report did not require me to leave the comfort of the sofa.

My portion of the farm report...

 - Stealth Cam infrared red detector tested and it works. No, you don't need to see proof.
 - It rained last night. While I was in the pasture. It rained a lot. It rained hard. I hoofed it back to the garage to drip dry because I was too wet to get back in the truck.
 - Gardens don't need to be watered today (see above).
 - Pipping chick died in the egg before completely hatching last night (big bummer).

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