June 19, 2011

Roosting house on the left, feeding area in the center, nesting house on the right

The hens seem to have settled in nicely.  Yesterday they were all over the field foraging. Yay!  They have started using the nesting house but I'm suspicious that there might be some eggs in the pasture somewhere.  I'll keep looking.
They have created some dirt pits to roll around in so we added diatomaceous earth to the pits to help with any lice or mites, although they looked very clean when they arrived.

The white Ameracauna rooster has claimed the entire flock as his own and will not share with the other roosters.  He squawks at his girls and prances around with them all milling around him.  Until you've seen a rooster in hen-heaven, you really can't understand the meaning of "cock walk".

One of the hens got out of the electric fence.  She finally found her way back in - which is good and means that she knows where her home is.  But the fact that she got out and back in isn't so good.  We need to save our pennies for electric poultry netting.

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