March 4, 2011

Two brown eggs!

My hens stopped laying eggs last summer. No idea why.  They just stopped.  It's been incredibly frustrating because they eat like there's no tomorrow.  And while some people like having chickens as a hobby, I need my chickens to earn their keep.  Sharon has been encouraging me for months to get rid of my money-pit chickens. But last weekend, she decided to try something.  She put fake eggs in the nesting boxes.

Most people will use golf balls or buy porcelain eggs.

Not us!  Sharon and Josie filled some plastic Easter eggs with dirt and rocks to give them weight and wrapped them in silver duct tape to keep them closed.  Yah, it's pretty redneck, but they worked! 

This morning, I found two brown eggs in a nesting box!  Don't know how many days the eggs were there because I wasn't in the habit of checking regularly. But it looks like the hens have bought themselves some more time here on Skyview Acres.  Hopefully these redneck, duct tape eggs will get the rest of the hens on board and they'll all start laying again!

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